Revisional Surgery

I’ve already had an operation for weight control and it isn’t working as I had hoped.

At LapSurgery we have a special interest in helping those who have had a previous operation for weight control which hasn’t worked as you had hoped or is giving you other problems. We offer our expertise to our own patients and also to those who have had operations with other surgeons.

What we can do depends a lot on what the previous operation has been. You should be aware at the outset that a further procedure is not to be entered into without very careful assessment by us and the understanding that such a procedure carries risks which may be greater than those of the initial operation.

The following is provided as a guide to the possibilities only and is not to be taken as individual medical advice.

I’ve had a gastric stapling operation which isn’t working as I had hoped.

In most cases we can offer you an alternative procedure. The option of a gastric banding procedure has been used in this situation, but in general we have not found this approach to be effective. Our advice and that of the majority of international experts in the field is the conversion of your stapling procedure into a gastric bypass. This is a very major operation in someone who has had previous abdominal surgery and may not be able to be performed by keyhole (laparoscopic) technique.

The risks of complications from this procedure are greater than for the same operation done where there has not been previous surgery and this will be discussed with you in full at your consultation.

The majority of patients who have had their gastric stapling converted have had very significant weight loss and a much improved quality of life.

Read more about the Gastric Bypass operation.

We understand that everyone is different and we advise you to discuss your options with a Surgeon. Please contact us here to arrange an appointment.

I’ve had a gastric band procedure (LapBand® or similar) which isn’t working as I had hoped.

We have performed around 4,000 gastric banding operations and we know that some patients don’t achieve a satisfactory long term result. We have significant experience in helping patients in this situation.

As a first step we would always check to see if the Band can be made to work. This involves a consultation with one of our surgeons and assessment by our dietitian and counsellor. Tests including X-Ray and gastroscopy will be required.

If the Band cannot be made to work, then we will discuss alternatives such as newer medications, or in some cases further surgery.

We understand that everyone is different and we advise discussion of your options with one of our Surgeons. Please contact us here to arrange an appointment.

I’ve had a sleeve gastrectomy performed and I’m having problems.

As a first stage you will need a thorough assessment by one of our surgeons, our dietitian and our counsellor. X-Rays and a gastroscopy will usually be required.

Like any of the operations for weight there is a small failure rate for the sleeve gastrectomy.

A common problem is ongoing gastric reflux making life a misery despite good weight loss.

After careful consideration, we may advise dietary changes, newer medication or sometimes further surgery may be required.

We understand that everyone is different and we advise discussion of your options with one of our Surgeons. Please contact us here to arrange an appointment.

I’ve had a gastric bypass which isn’t working as I had hoped.

The gastric bypass in general is a very successful long term weight loss procedure.

There are several reasons why a gastric bypass may not give you the results you hoped for.

In event of weight regain you will be assessed by our weight regain clinic and all options will be discussed.

How do I arrange a consultation with LapSurgery?

If you are already one of LapSurgery Australia patients, you will need only to have a current referral from your General Practitioner. If you are not a LapSurgery patient already, you will need a referral from your General Practitioner and If at all possible you should ask the surgeon who performed your previous operation to provide you or us with a summary of the procedure performed. To make an appointment or if you have an enquiry please telephone 03 9760 2777, email: or contact us here.

What are the costs and is Private Health Insurance Required?

As we do not work in the public hospital system you will need to have, or to be prepared to take out, appropriate private health insurance*. We will not perform these types of weight loss procedures on patients without suitable private health insurance as your hospital stay can be prolonged, further procedures may be needed and often a period in the intensive care unit may be required, all of which can involve very significant and unpredictable costs along with considerable stress to you and your family.

Revisional bariatric (weight loss) procedures are complex, time consuming and require two of our surgeons at each such operation. At LapSurgery we have the experience, expertise and multidisciplinary setup and staffing to perform these types of procedures.

Although some of the hospital costs will be covered with your private health insurance, there will be significant out of pocket (OOP) costs if your previous weight loss procedure has not been performed by us. Discounts apply to those who have had previous procedures performed by LapSurgery surgeons.

As costs may vary depending on the type of procedure performed and your health fund we can only give guidelines but for patients who are not currently LapSurgery Australia patients the out of pocket costs are usually between $5000 and $7000. For patients of LapSurgery Australia who have had previous weight loss surgery please speak to our staff regarding your out of pocket costs as these will vary depending on what type of surgery you have had previously.

Please do not hesitate to call our helpful and knowledgeable staff on (03) 9760 2777 for further information, email: or via our contact us here.

*You will need top level cover with your health fund to cover weight loss surgery.

The team at LAPSurgery Australia are recognised for their exceptional and major contribution to the Government sponsored Bariatric Safety Registry (BSR). The BSR tracks surgical complications and provides an unbiased safety record for weight loss surgery.

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